Sunday, December 13, 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas

Well, I skipped right over Thanksgiving without blogging.  I am not a very good blogger.  I think it is partially because writing is not my strength, but also because I don't think anybody actually reads this but me.  :) Well, anyway...

I have had so much fun seeing Christmas fun through Lucas's eyes.  He has really enjoyed decorating, seeing Christmas lights, etc. Lucas and Gracen had so much fun decorating a gingerbread house together.  It kept them busy and quiet for an hour and a half.  That is well worth ten dollars!  We decorated our tree.  Lucas really enjoyed playing with the candy canes but also decorating the tree with them.  He hung the ornaments in pairs.  He put 2 ornaments on each branch he decorated.  Then I went behind him and spread them out a little more.

Every year, I buy a new photo ornament with a picture for that year.  I really enjoy seeing how we change each year (especially Lucas).


Every year we have a picture of Lucas with Santa and Lucas is crying.  Well, Lucas is still afraid of Santa.  He would not sit in his lap or even talk to him.  He wanted his present from Santa, but he wanted me to get it!

Lucas has been asking questions about Santa this year.  It is our goal to teach Lucas about the true meaning of Christmas and Jesus during the holiday season.  He is learning so much!  We have been reading him Bible stories at night before bed.

I enjoy old pictures of Lucas as a baby.  Blogging has given me a chance to reminisce.  He is growing so much lately.  He is really changing from a toddler into a preschooler.  He has also gotten so tall!

This is Lucas's first Christmas. He was 9 months and crawling everywhere!



I forgot, we actually have one picture of Lucas with Santa and he is not crying.

I love these PJ's!

This is Lucas in 2007.  He was almost 2.


I think these next 2 are so funny!

Last year was fun.  Lucas was almost 3.  He was crazy about Thomas the train!



I really look forward to posting pictures of this Christmas.  This is such a fun time of the year!  I wish everyone a blessed holiday! 

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Lucas and Gracen's very first
Halloween.  They were so cute!

Lucas's second Halloween at age 1 1/2.  He was the cutest little puppy ever!

Two cute little doggie cousins!

When the kids were 2, they started choosing their own costumes.
Lucas was not a fan of dressing up.
We had to pick something that would not involved much dress up.
We decided on a baseball player.

Gracen was a kitty.

   This year at age 3, they both chose their costumes again.
I suggested several things for Lucas, but he decided on a cowboy.
He still does not like to dress up but there are 2 things he loves....his boots and his gun!
I was surprised he actually wore the hat.


Gracen was Fancy Nancy and Brynlee was a cute little zebra.

Silas and James (and Mom and Dad, too) were all train conductors.

And Alicia went as ....Camron!

Pretty funny!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It is interesting to me how much little boys (and their Daddies) like to play with guns. It seems to be something you don't have to teach them. At the age of 2, Lucas was playing tinker toys. He put two toys together like a gun and started shooting. I was shocked! I did not even know he knew what a gun was. He has especially played guns since our trip to Red River.  Lucas would shoot at Uncle Brad and Aunt Alicia all day, every day.  They finally went and each bought a play gun.  They ambushed him one night!  He loved it!  The three of them played guns for the rest of the trip.

Well, Lucas's adventures with guns continues....He told us tonight, "When my
Daddy and I go into the forest, we are going to shoot animals."  He was so serious!  He had on his "serious face" and everything.  Well, he is all boy, but I sure do love him!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lucas says so many funny and cute things. I wanted to create a blog to share some of those things. Be patient as I try to figure all of this out. I am new at this.