Thursday, November 5, 2009


Lucas and Gracen's very first
Halloween.  They were so cute!

Lucas's second Halloween at age 1 1/2.  He was the cutest little puppy ever!

Two cute little doggie cousins!

When the kids were 2, they started choosing their own costumes.
Lucas was not a fan of dressing up.
We had to pick something that would not involved much dress up.
We decided on a baseball player.

Gracen was a kitty.

   This year at age 3, they both chose their costumes again.
I suggested several things for Lucas, but he decided on a cowboy.
He still does not like to dress up but there are 2 things he loves....his boots and his gun!
I was surprised he actually wore the hat.


Gracen was Fancy Nancy and Brynlee was a cute little zebra.

Silas and James (and Mom and Dad, too) were all train conductors.

And Alicia went as ....Camron!

Pretty funny!